Monday, April 06, 2009

Hakone Garden

Went to Hakone garden for Sakura. 桜を見に箱根ガーデンへ。

This Japanese garden has beautiful landscape and even has a tea ceremony room. I am standing by the room. Great view, isn't it?この日本庭園はとても美しく造園されていてお茶室まであります。私が立っているのはお茶室の廊下。素晴らしい眺めでしょ。

Steven standing in front of a maple tree and a sakura tree. Stevenはもみじと桜の木の前で。

We really like this place and it reminds us the time we started dating. At that time, the wisterias were also full bloomed. ここは私達のお気に入りの場所。デートし始めた時に来た所なので、その頃を思い出します。あの時は藤の花も満開でした。

Well, they were not bloomed yet today. We need to come back later!今日はまだ咲いてないですね。又、近いうちに見に来なくっちゃ。

Hakone Garden

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