Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fish dishes

We like fish and luckily we can get fersh fish from Saturday farmer's market and fresher fish for sashimi (raw fish) at a Japanese mraket near by. Stevenも私もお魚好きなので、土曜のファーマーズマーケットで新鮮なお魚が手に入ってラッキー。お刺身などもっと新鮮なものは近くの日本のマーケットで買います。

Wild salmon, parcely, red onion and white wine baked in parchement paper.
Miso marinated cod was grilled and served. It was a little bit too salty because of the marinating time. Two days are enough... 味噌漬けのタラは漬けすぎてちょっと辛かった。2日でいいなあ。

Tuna from the Japanese market and natto. Need a sahimi grade fish for this dish. I got this plate from mom and love it! They are called Egaratsu. 日本のマーケットで買ったマグロで作ったマグロ納豆。お皿はママからもらった絵唐津。とってもいいでしょう?

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