Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Made corned beef & cabbages for St. Paddy's day. I also added potatoes, onions and carrots,too. Cooked 3 hours because...

The meat was almost 4 lb!! This was the last corned beef at the store and I didn't have any other choices. お肉が2キロ近くもあったのです。お店で最後のひとつだったため、選択の余地がなかった。

It came out pretty good so don't mind having this for a few days. We can make corned beef sandwich with this!!! でもおいしくできたので、2,3日続けて食べてもいいな。コーンビーフサンドイッチにしてもいいし!!!

Well, I don't have any green in these pictures so here is the green river in Chicago. Happy St. Paddy's day! この日は皆、緑色の洋服を着たり緑のものを飾ってお祝いしますが、写真に緑がないので、有名なシカゴの緑の川の写真をどうぞ。この日のために川を緑色に染めるので、一日限りの光景です。

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