Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We are home

We have come home from Morocco+Switzerland trip. Below is Swiss chocolates which I got in a supermarket to finish my Swiss money before I left there. They are still tasty even they are from a supermarket.
I hid this cured meat at the bottom of my luggage and made it to home!!! :)
Funny we missed our home food when we were in Morocco but now we miss Moroccan food so I made Chicken, veggies, prune+cous cous and mint tea which I made with authentic gun powder tea. モロッコにいたときは家のごはんが懐かしかったけど、家にいる今、モロッコごはんが懐かしいとはおもしろい。そこでモロッコ料理を作りました。クスクスとチキン、野菜、プルーン。ミントティーもきちんとガンパウダーティーという正式なお茶を使っていれました。

Made Kefta tagine (Moroccan meat ball with egg) following this recipe in another day.

On the other day, I made Japanese curry. Japanese curry is more soupy and lighter than Indian curries. This got eggplants, red peppers, potatoes, carrots, onions and ground beef. I also sprinkled some dried apricot and fried onions on the rice. 別の日には日本のカレーを作りました。インドカレーよりもスープが多く軽いので時々食べたくなります。今回はなす、赤ピーマン、じゃがいも、人参、玉ねぎと牛ひき肉で作りました。ご飯の上にはドライアプリコットとフライドオニオンをふりかけて。
On another day, we had chirashi sushi, tofu, hijiki and miso soup. I guess I missed Japanese food. Steven said he did, too. またまた別の日にはチラシ寿司。冷奴、ひじき、お味噌汁と一緒に。うーん、和食も恋しかったようです。Stevenも同じだといっております。