Thursday, September 25, 2008

Luzern, Switzerland Day 10 part 2

So after the lunch, we took this for a cruise on Luzern lake.

The boat moves with paddle wheals(up left in the picture). It was very interesting to see how they work. It was just like the ones you paddle by your feet but bigger version.
A lot of amazing views from the boat. The water is also beautiful and clear. You can almost see at the bottom of the lake :) 船からの眺めは格別。湖の水は透明で底がみえるくらいきれい。(見えないけど。)

There are many cute inns/hotels by the lake. Next time we would like to stay one of them.

Wait !! Is that.....ちょっと!あれって…
Yeah!!!! It IS Swiss Alps! そう!スイスアルプスです!
We didn't think we were able to see them since it is far from Luzern but they were high enough (and the weather was clear enough) to show themselves from the distance. Incredible....Now I understood why my father loved these mountains.
Steven with Swiss Alps. Stevenとアルプス。
This boat has some history. このボートにも歴史あり。

"Iceberg!!" the little exhibition on the boat. Honey, this is not the Titanic.
After we came back to Zurich, we had dinner with Sascha and John at a Swiss restaurant for the last meal in Switzerland. We will go home tomorrow.

The light in the restaurant (the picture above) looked like the one my father had in his study(the picture below). He really liked Switzerland...上の写真にある店内のライトは父が書斎に使っていた部屋のもの(下の写真)と似てる。自分の書斎をスイス仕様にするとはよくよくこの国が好きだったようです。
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