Sunday, October 05, 2008

Oita, Japan 1

I went back to Japan to see my 92 year old grandma because she is getting weak recently. She is in a hospital but she is fine and was still be able to recognize me and asked Steven who is in Luxembourg for his biz trip. She is very close to me since I was a child so I went to see her as many as I could to cheer her up.

On the way to my hometown, there is a station named USA. (pronounced "ooh-sa") Funny I left USA and saw this in Japan. ところで実家の別府に帰る途中、宇佐を通りましたがUSAという表示はUSAから帰ってきた時にみると何だかおかしい。

A lot of fresh seafood and veggies were waiting for me! Thank you, Mama!

On the other day, I told mama "I want to eat Oden." and she is cooking something!!

Ohhhhh, it is Oden!!! Oden is stewed veggies and meat in soy sauce and sake. Yummy!
My sisters are setting table. Girls, peace signs are not cool anymore. You may want to stop it.
妹達がテーブルセッティングをしているところ。ちょっとキミ達、ピースサインはもう流行らないんだかからやめなさい。, too???!!!

Smile! without peace signs. :)

While we were having Oden, Steven was watching beautiful fall color in Luxembourg. I miss you, honey!!私達がおでんを楽しんでいる時、Stevenはルクセンブルグで秋の色を楽しんでいたようです。

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