Monday, October 13, 2008

Oita, Japan 2

Mama, Ryoko and I went to Bungo Takada to eat crabs. This town is famous for this crab called Gazami and we heard they are VERY delicious so here we go! We saw a lot of seafood at this store. "Excuse me, could we have three crabs, please? Yeah, those big ones!." We also got another one to Akiko who is working at home today.

This is the Gazami crab before cooking.

And after....this restaurant cooks the ones you picked from the fish tank. Crab miso soup also came with the dish. How was the crab? It was sweet and juicy and excellent! It was worth driving one hour to here.

Pumpkin sisters. かぼちゃ姉妹。

We also stopped at Futago ji and enjoyed the walking in the green. I love walking in the gardens of temples and shrines. They usually have a lot of trees and plants and very quiet so it is very soothing.

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