Thursday, October 30, 2008

NY 1

New York is always an exciting place to visit. It is not so cold as much as I was afraid. Look at this blue sky! NYはいつ来てもエキサイティングな街。心配してた寒さもそれほどではなく、いいお天気です。

Went to Union square and found they had a farmer's market. 
ユニオンスクエアでファーマーズマーケットをしていました。Beautiful colors of the products.

Apples are in season and they sold apple cider, too. I got a hot apple cider. The pic of down right looks like miso soup but it is apple juice and some spice...Mmmmm tasty.

Election is right around corner so the battle between the candidates is heating up!

After I enjoyed the market, took a break at a cafe, Max Brenner. This place is famous for chocolate so I had a dark chocolate suckao which is steamed milk+chocolate. The milk is warmed up over the tea candle, you put some chocolate to melt and suck it up with the metallic straw! It was VERY delicious but wish the milk was hotter.
マーケットの後はMax Brennerというカフェで一休み。ここはちょこれーとが有名なのでsuckaoというスチームミルクでチョコレートを自分で入れて溶かし、メタリックのストローで飲むドリンクにトライ。チョコレートがおいしくて味は最高ですが、ミルクが小さなキャンドルで温められているのがイマイチ熱くなくて残念。あまり熱いとメタリックのストローで飲めないけどもう少し熱いのが好みだな。
Max Brenner
841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003‎
(212) 388-0030

Steven and I went to Carnegie Deli where is famous for pastrami sandwich (up left). You cannot see sandwich bread! These are not ours. I took this picture the ones on the counter while we are waiting for the chocolate pie we took home. Look at me smiling next to a pickle. Cool as a cucumber, huh? Stevenとパストラミサンドが有名なカーネギーデリに行きました。左上の写真がそうですが、サンドイッチのパンが見えないほどお肉がやってきます。これは私達が頼んだものではなくちょうどカウンターに来たところを撮りました。私達はここでは食事せずにチョコレートパイを買って帰っただけ。これも大きいでしょ!きゅうりのピクルスも有名だけど、この写真のはもちろんニセモノよ。

Carnegie Deli
854 Seventh Ave.
NY, NY. 10019