Sunday, August 31, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 8-Rabat Tour

An 1 hour train ride from Casablanca took us to the capital of Morocco, Rabat. カサブランカから約1時間の電車に揺られてモロッコの首都ラバトへやってきました。

This is an old wall which protected the town from enemies. The teracotta color matches with the blue sky.これはその昔敵から街を守っていた旧い壁。テラコッタ色と青空がよくマッチしてます。

A lot of interesting doors.... 楽しいドアがたくさんありました。


This souk (market) has a pretty cover. ここのスーク(マーケット)は屋根がある。

Welcome to my place in Morocco. (Look here for French version)

After the interesting doors and stores, we found the ocean!!! I didn't think Moroccan people enjoy beaches but I was wrong!!
楽しいドアやお店を抜けると、海が!モロッコの人たちが海岸で水着で日光浴をするとは思ってなかった。Steven is thinking old times of Morocco at the historic site.
Mikako is trying to climb on the historic wall.

The curving on the entrance is amazing. 
Had a pizza and...ピザと
chicken pastella for lunch. They sprinkle powder sugar and cinammon on the savory pie. It sounds odd but it is quite nice.
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