Friday, August 29, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 6

When I am not wondering around in Casablanca town, I knit, read and run at the hotel gym. Don't you think this net bag would suit in Moroccan market? :)

I also watch TV because there are a lot of English movie channels. Korean drama is also popular in Morocco!!! 英語の映画チャンネルがたくさんあるのでテレビもよく見ます。韓国ドラマはここ、モロッコでも人気!!恐るべし韓国パワー。

We went to a fancy French restaurant by the sea with Steven's coworkers for company dinner. We sat the table where the French president sat in 1975. 夜は海のそばのフレンチレストランへ。Stevenの会社の人たちと会食。1975年にフランスの大統領が座った席に座りましたよ。

My main course was white fish with cream crab sauce. It was gooooood!
Reataurant Le Cabestan
address:90 Route de la Corniche
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