Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 9-12: Ramadan

Ramadan started this week. Read details of Ramadan here. Since they don't eat or drink during the sun is up (6:30am to 7pm), most of the cafes and restaurants are closed for a month. Some opens only dinner time. The restaurants in international hotels like Hyatt and Sheraton opens all day but it is not so comfortable eating there served by waiters and waitress who are fasting so I felt bad. Here in Casablanca, McDonald was open but KFC was closed...wierd. Travellers are not forced to fast for Ramadan but still not comfortable drinking and eating when local people are fasting so I bought some food and had them in the hotel room.
ラマダンが今週から始まりました。ラマダンの詳細はここを読んでください。6:30am から 7pmの太陽が昇っている間は飲み食いをしないので、カフェやレストランのほとんどはこの月は閉まっています。夜だけ開けるところもあります。ハイアットやシェラトンなどのインターナショナルなホテルのレストランはラマダンに関係なく開いていますが、そこで働く人たちは断食しているのですからその人たちに運んできてもらって食事するのもあまり気持ちいいものではありません。カサブランカではマクドナルドは一日中営業、ケンタッキーは閉店という何だかよくわからない有様。観光客はもちろん断食する必要はないのですが、それでも飲み食いを我慢している人の前で食事するのもねえ。だからといって暑い中を歩いていて水を飲まないというのもつらいし。ランチは食料を買ってきてホテルで食べるようにしました。

You can see special program for Ramadan like this.

4pm:Peopler are still out there as usual.

6PM: There is a line for taxi. People are going home for dinner or going to mosque.
6PM :タクシーを待つラインができます。夕食のため家に帰るのか、モスクへお祈りにいくのか。
7pm:No people are out. The town is deserted. It is nice and quiet for a while but we were told that we shouldn't go out because there is no polices (they also go home or go to the mosque.) so gangs are out. (gangs don't follow the islamic rules I guess)

9pm: I didn't take pictures but people started to go out and the town becomes active. Some stores open from this time and opens till late. Seems like people enjoy more night time during Ramadan time.

After the sunset (around 7pm), people start to drink and eat. Of course mint tea and...

Special sweets for Ramadan. The potsticker shape one has almond paste inside. Both are very sweet and I didn't like too much but after 12 hour fasting they must taste good!!

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