Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 3&4

Went to Central Market to see what local people eat/buy.
Central Market へ人々がどんな物を買って食するのか見に行きました。They have fresh vegetables, fruits and a lot of sea foods. There is a big oyster bar but I was not brave enough to try oyster shoot in a hot day in Morocco.
I also caught this. Can you see what it is? こんな写真も撮りました。さて何でしょう?
Zoom up shot...guys are praying in the market. You don't see women praying in public. Do they do in the house or covered place?

Had lunch at the restaurant across from the market.
Fried calamari, three different kind of fish, boiled shrimp and of course some olives. Yummy!

Snack Amine
address:32 rue Habacha derb Ghallef (Across from the Central Market)
phone : +212 22 98 72 04