Sunday, August 24, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day1

We took this plane to come to...

Casablanca, Morocco.
We passed the overladen truck and went to the hotel.
After we checked in, went to an old twon.
Very exotic wall...とってもエキゾティックな壁。

This area keeps old rustic buildings. The people's clothing here is very different, too. I would say 90%of the women cover themselves with veils or scarves not to get any attention from the guys. Some guys wear islamic long robes with funny hats but a lot of guys wear western clothes. 旧市街は古くて寂れた建物もそのままで、人々の服装もずいぶんと違った感じ。90%の女性はベールやスカーフで頭や顔を隠していて男性の気をひかないようにしています。男性は大体が洋装ですが、30%くらいはイスラム文化独特の長いローブのようなものを着て、変わった帽子をかぶっています。

There is a pickpocket in this picture. No, no... the woman with a busy hat which doesn't suit their culture is me. The guy wearing No.4 shirt is the pickpocket. He was following us and finally put his hands in Steven's pant's pocket which is empty. We quickly learned we need to pay extra attention when we walk outside. We didn't want this on the very first day though.
Walked to The Grand Mosque of Hassan II. It was very hot but the blue sky in the pictures make it looks somehow cool. グランモスクハッサンⅡへ歩いていきました。すごく暑かったけどこの写真の空の青さは何となく涼しくみえますね。
Beautiful tile works...モザイクが美しい。
On the way back from the mosque, we found the restaurant I had wanted to go to!
Steven:"I am starving...where is my food?"
Steven had chicken Tajine and I had Moroccan sampler which consists 5 small plates. Everything was tasty here and the garden setting was very pretty.
La Sqala
Adress:Bd des Almohades
20000 Casablanca
phone : +212 22 26 09 60
This is our first Moroccan mint tea in Morocco. It was very tasy. We don't normally drink tea with sugar but in this heat, the little bit of sweetness gives us energy and smell of the fresh mint is very soothing. We are addicted to Mint tea now.