Monday, August 25, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 2

After I ran for an hour at the hotel gym, went out to explore the town. I had a hard time finding the place to rest because all the cafes were occupied by men and the park benches are taken by street people....Only place I saw women sitting and resting was McDonald!! So funny!!

After Steven finished his work, we went to Al Mounia for dinner. This is another beautiful garden setting restaurant. Stevenのお仕事が終わって、Al Mounia というガーデンレストランへ行きました。

Another beautiful mosaic work at the entrance. これまた、モザイクが美しいエントランス。
The sun is setting and getting cooler. Felt pretty good at the table surrounded by trees. They serve olives in many restaurants and you can see it is the same here in the picture down-left.
This is my wonderful chicken cous cous. I make cous cous at home but the cous cous here is totally different!! It is very smooth and tastier. It is like eating warm powder snow. It melts in the mouth. You pour consomme soup on it so it makes cous cous moist. Steven had beef brochette but forgot to take picture. It was also tasty.
Address :95 Rue Prince Moulay Abdallah
Phone: 022 222669