Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kitchen remodeling 3 & Easter

Nice legs, Steven! This is him climbing into the attic to install a vent pipe for kitchen hood. YES, we are installing a hood! いい足してるねえ、お兄さん!Stevenが屋根裏に上って換気扇の排気パイプをつけているところです。そう、今日は新しい換気扇がつきます!

He made a big hall on the cabinet ceiling and the pipe goes into this to connect to the hood. Noise and mess!! Stevenがキャビネットの天井にでっかい穴をあけています。ここにパイプを通して換気扇とつなげます。ひゃー、騒音とほこりがすごーい。

And here it is!! The kitchen hood is installed successfully! My husband can do anything!! I helped making a template for the holes and holding the hood while he was screwing it. I love this hood! The fan is not so noisy and has a good lighting.

Before all that, we had a Easter breakfast. Well, It doesn't look special and I didn't do good job on a smoke chicken frittata but the plates and berries have a very spring feelings so here, I will call this an Easter breakfast!

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