Friday, April 08, 2011

Snow in California

I thought it was cold when I was running this morning. When I saw something white on the lawn in my running course, I thought "somebody dumped ice from his cooler or something." But I saw something white on the roof, too!!! What? Snow? Where am I, Philadelphia ? (I really enjoyed the snow at Dad's house in Philly) When I got home, I looked for snow at our house but it is mostly gone so couldn't take pics :( Wow, it was the first time to see snow in my 14 years of Bay Area life.

Despite of the unusual cold, our "fruit basket" tree has a lot of flowers! I was skeptical about this grafted tree which has yellow, white peaches and a plum. I have to say the label was right! Cannot wait to have those fruits...

Flowers from farmer's market are pretty inside the house.

家の中ではFramer's Marketで買ったお花がきれいに咲いています。

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