Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Octopus risotto

Found a whole raw octopus at a Mexican market! I seldom see them at a regular store so I got it. Look how big it is.

First, I boiled it with a half cut onion. Mr. Octopus is enjoying his bathing. The long legs were curled up as soon as I put it in the boiling water. Kind a cute...

I made Octopus risotto with this recipe. The octopus is very tender and tasted great.

The Parmigiano ressiano gives a sharp taste. However the picture is not so sharp.
I was very excited to find Octopus and told Steven, "I got Tako(Octopus in Japanese) at Mexican market!" and he said, "Cool! So we will have Taco for dinner tonight." Me:"Yeah, I am thinking Tako risotto." Steven: "?!" He thought I got Tacos at Mexican market. Yes, it was my fault. I shouldn't have mixed Japanese and English. Now I know where to get raw octopus so I will made other dishes like....Takoyaki!

This was before we went to East Coast so it was mid October. I took all the tomatoes in and made tomato sauce to freeze. As you see, most of tomatoes were yellow so the sauce looks pale but it tastes gooooood.

$1.90 Liberty Bell I got in Philadelphia became Christmas ornament. Cannot wait for Christmas!