Wednesday, November 03, 2010

East Coast Trip - Philly 4

I came to Philadelphia 4 or 5 times but I have never seen Liberty Bell. I need to see it this time because it is only half an hour or so from Dad's house so here we go!! フィラデルフィアに来るのは4,5回目なのに、リバティーベルを見たことない。お義父さんのところからは30分くらいなのです。さあ、行きましょう!

When we are close to the downtown area, I saw this. Ohhhh, Eagles' stadium!

Philadelphia has three stadiums for the measure sports at the same area. They stand very close each other. It must get so crowded on game days. I don't want to even think about the traffic jam :(

Liberty Bell is kept in the Liberty Bell Center. It was a weekday but there were a lot of visitors and waited in line for a little bit. We saw a lot of groups of school trip. Some of the guide was wearing old style clothes and showed us a good old time.

We walked through the historical exhibitions before we saw the bell. The exhibition was very well made and learned a lot of things about the bell. Liberty for slave, women and other suppressed people or groups...The left picture below is Native American Indian Chief Little Bear is carefully touching the bell when it came to San Francisco during the bell's national trip(1915).
On the right, it shows permission for women's voting and this was also in 1915.
And...finally The Liberty Bell. Dad is looking at it very closely. He said this is the first time to see the bell, too. Whhhhhhhat? How many years have you living this area? Well, it happens...
The bell, father and son. The bell and his daughter in law.

With Photoshop, I can do this! Everybody in one pic.

There is an Independece Hall across from the bell but next tickets available was 3pm one. We don't want to wait another 3 hours because we have place to go.
ベルの向かいにはIndependence Hallという施設があるのだけど午後3時までチケットが売り切れ。3時間も待ちたくないし、次に行くところがあるので、ここは次回にでも。

We went to...

to be continued...