Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buri kama - grilled yellow tail collar bone

"Festival maniac" is grilling something again...  Mr.お祭り馬鹿が又、バーベキューグリルでお料理しています。
Ohhhhh, Buri kamaaaaa! They are yellow tail collar bone and the meat around it VERY tasty. We eat this a lot with Daikon oroshi (shredded radish). The one in aluminum foil is sweet potato and the leftover yakitori from the party is also on the grill.

Since we moved in this place, we have been eating out a lot. Not "eating out" but eating in the back yard. Look at the browned skin of the fish...Let's eat! ここに引越してきてから、外食が多くなりました。外食といっても外で食べるごはん。お庭です。皮もいい具合に焦げてる。いっただっきま~す!

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