Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lunch with the Gillespies

We invited the Gillespies, my other family in Santa Cruz and had a lunch. From the left, Mariko, Brendan(Mikako's fiance), Mikako, Jean, Jim and Steven. Santa Cruzに住む、私の第二の家族であるギレスピー家のみんなをランチに招待しました。左から、Mariko, Brendan(Mikakoのフィアンセ), Mikako, Jean, Jim そして Steven。

I made Japanese food. (Click the photo to enlarge) I wanted to make something they don't usually get at Japanese restaurants here. I am happy that they liked the food!! 和食を作っておもてなししました。(写真をクリックすると拡大します。)アメリカの日本食レストランではあまり出ないようなものを作ったつもり。みんなに喜んでもらえてよかった。

Main dish was yakitori (grilled chicken) which Steven grilled on our new grill. They were very tasty because the charcoal gives them smoky flavor. They were juicy inside and had grill mark outside. Just like you get at Yakitori Shop in Japan. Great job, Steven! メインディッシュは焼き鳥!Stevenがこのあいだ買ったグリルで焼いてくれました。炭で鶏にスモーキーな味がついて、中身はしっとり、外は焦げ目がついてかりっとしていて、焼き鳥屋さんで出るようなプロフェッショナルな焼き加減!でかした、Steven.

It was a hot day and getting very hot in the house so we sit outside and had dessert, Pannacotta. We were very relaxed and having a peaceful time for a while then.... 今日はとても暑く、家の中はどんどん気温が上がっていったので、外に座り、デザートのパンナコッタを食べました。リラックスしてとても平和な時間がしばらく続いたのですが…。

...the battle had begun! Jim and Mariko started a rubber band fight. Mariko tried to fight back but there was no way to beat her father's speedy shots. Click photo to see their face expressions!

Well, the rubber bands came from the wooden toy gun I got for Steven. Here Mikako is trying to shoot the bottles. She looks like a Bond girl !! 輪ゴムはStevenにあげた木のおもちゃの鉄砲で使うものでした。その鉄砲で今度はMikakoがシューティングしています。

The girls have grown a lot. The eldest sister, Kimi cannot make it today but these three girls are sisters to me and I am so impressed by how beautiful and matured they got every time I see them.

This is the first time I met them in 1983. Kimi was 4 years old. So cute!

Kimi's pic from the picnic last week. She is now so cool!!
先週のピクニックの時のKimi. かわいいでしょ。

This was taken in 1997. From the left, Mikako, her friend, Me and little Mariko! They are so small and cute! これは1997年。左からMikako, 彼女の友達、私と小さなMariko. 本当に小さくてかわいいこと!

I am enjoying watching them grow into gorgeous ladies...feel like a parent of them.