Saturday, November 01, 2008

NY 3: Going to Mom's

We drove to Wilkes Barre to visit Mom and Frank. The leaves are colored and very beautiful and we even saw some snow on the street! お義母さんとFrankの住むWilkes Barreまで運転していきました。紅葉がとてもきれい。山が近く雪が残っていました。

Thanksgiving came earlier this year. Mom cooked us Thanksgiving dinner! Everything was very delicious. Thank you, Mom for cooking for 2 days for this. 11月末にある感謝祭が今年は早くやってきました。お義母さんが感謝祭のディナーを作ってくれたのです。2日間の大仕事だったみたい。Momに感謝!

The tress are gorgeous around her place.家の近くには美しい木がいっぱい。

Family picture in Wiles Barre Wilkes Barre版家族写真
After we stayed a night at mom's, drove back to NY and had a dinner at a Cuban restaurant. Pork dish (down middle) had good tangy flavor and it went well with black beans and rice.

939 8th Ave,
New York, NY‎
(212) 262-5354 ‎

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