Monday, November 03, 2008

NY 4 :Central Park

We are staying 2 blocks from Central Park in NY this time so I had to run in the park. Living in California, I don't get many chances to jog in the Central Park, do I? According to the this runner's map, it is 6.03 miles if I jog on the outer park drive loop so it is not a lot. However there are a lot of small paths and side routes I hope I don't get lost there.

Big park in the big City...very urban looking. 大都会の大公園。都会的な景色だなあ。

New York City Marathon was held and finished here yesterday and I saw a lot of runners came back here to take pics for their memoir. It is a dream to attend this race for runners. Over 35,000 athletes attended this year...If they have a half marathon, it would be conceivable for me to attend but full marathon is so far away from me. When I ran on Friday (2 days before the race) one very skinny black guy ran passed me and some people told him, "Good luck on Sunday!" so I figured he is one of the elite runners. I think he was the guy on the top picture of this page. Of course he was so fast and it didn't take long till he had gone from my sight. かのニューヨークシティマラソンが昨日行われ、終点がこの公園だったのだけどランナー達が戻ってきて記念に写真を撮っていました。このレースに参加するのはランナーの夢ですね。何と3万5千人が参加したというからすごい。ハーフマラソンがあれば私も参加したいけどフルはちょっと遠い夢だなあ。レース二日前の金曜日にもここで走ったのだけどその時背が高くすごくやせた黒人ランナーが私を追い越していきました。何人かが「日曜日がんばってくださいね~。」なんて声をかけていたからきっと有名なランナーなんでしょう。このページの一番上の写真の人だった気がする。もちろん彼はとても速く、あっという間にいなくなってしまいました。Well, this collage picture looks like I was there for the race. Hee, hee, hee. I ran only twice in my stay but it was GREAT to run in the beautiful park. へへへ、この写真の組み合わせを見ると何だか私もレースに参加したみたいね。滞在中2度しか走れなかったけど、美しい公園内を走るのはとてもいい気持ちでした。

Beautiful Autumn colors in the park 美しい秋の色

Hey, Mr. Turkey. What are you doing here?
Ohhhh, you got lost! I understand this park is huge. Hope this map helps.

Before I (yeah "I "am only going home...) go home, we went to a Jewish deli close to Steven's office. I loved the Mozza ball soup. カリフォルニアに帰る前にStevenの会社の近くにあるユダヤ系デリでNY名物をいただきました。Mozza ballスープがおいしかった。

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