Friday, September 05, 2008

Casablanca, Morocco Day 13: It's Ramadan !

We went to airport to catch 10:40am plane and leave for Zurich but we found out there was no 10:40am plane. Our itinerary said it was 10:40am but they changed it to 9:40am because the daylight saving time. Well, they changed it to winter time but changed back for Ramadan not to confuse people to pray and fast. Well, it confused us!! "It's Ramadan!!." On the top of that, there are no seats till Sunday so we need to spend another 2 nights in Casablanca. Thanks to the lady at Steven's company, we were able to get hotel room so went back to Hyatt. This time we got mosque and old town view.
10:40am の飛行機に乗るため空港に行ったら10:40am の飛行機がなかった。スケジュール表は確かに10:40am と書いてある。空港カウンターの人は9:40am だったという。「ラマダンのせいだ!」冬時間に変えたのにラマダンの間だけお祈りや断食の時間を人々が混乱しないようにもとの時間にもどしたのだった。おかげでこっちが混乱したよ。それに日曜まで席がないのであと2晩をCasablancaですごさないといけなくなった。会社の人が手配してくれたおかげでハイアットに戻れました。今回はモスクと旧市街のビュー。

We heard some people shouting and looked down the window. There were two tow trucks (green and red )and a group of screaming people. The guy in the green tow truck was showing some papers to others and also shouting but we nenver figured out what was happening down there.

The grand mosque in the sunset. 夕焼けのグランモスク。

Lit up at night. 夜はライトアップ。

People blame on Ramadan when they find difficultues or their mistakes. When I was at the market, the guy at a shop said to me, "Goooood morning!." and it was around 3pm. I said "Good afternoon." and the guy said. "Oh, yes afternoon. It's Ramadan. It confuses me. " The waiter served us mint tea forgot to put tea in the pot so it was just hot water and mint leaves. When we told him so, he said "Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot! It's Ramadan!" Yeah, yeah, you can blame on Ramadan for everything.
ラマダンの時期何か困ったことや間違いを起こすと人々は往々にしてラマダンのせいにする。私がマーケットにいたときお店の男性が「Goooood morning!」と3時頃なのに言うので、「Good afternoon!」と言ったら「あーそうだ、午後だねえ。ラマダンのせいだよ。時間が混乱してくるよ。」ミントティー運んできたウェイターはお茶をポットに入れ忘れたらしくお湯とミントの葉っぱしか入ってない。それを告げると「ああ、すみません。忘れてました。ラマダンのせいだねえ。何か調子くるっちゃって。」はいはい、何でもラマダンのせいにしてください。
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