Monday, September 15, 2008

Zurich, Switzerland Day 5 to 8

I found some cute color yarn in Zurich downtown so I made this hat. The material is Swiss and I made it in Switzerland so it is truly "made in Switzerland". :)
I visited Zurich downtown all most everyday. Chocolate is their speciality so I went to one of the chocolate shops, Laderach. All the chocolates looked good so it was hard to choose. My choices were black chocolate with raspberry crunch and coffee chocolate. Oh, they were so good.
チューリッヒのダウンタウンにほとんど毎日通っています。チョコレートが有名なスイス。私も数あるチョコレート屋さんの内、 Laderachにいきました。どのチョコレートもおいしそうで選ぶのに一苦労。ダークチョコ+ラズベリー、コーヒーチョコレートを買いました。ん~、おいしかった。

Found the nice casual restaurant and their octopus salad was very tasty. Again, they had great chocolate dessert but my strong will won and I didn't take it. Ohhh, I proud myself. Those dessert looked so good.

We also dinner at Thai restaurant, Blue Monkey with Steven's coworkers. This place is very cute decoration and the dishes were beautiful and delicious. Blue Monkeyというタイ料理のお店でStevenの会社の人たちと夕食。内装もとてもこっていて、お料理の飾りつけも美しく味も大変結構でございました。
Blue Monkey
Address:Stüssihofstatt 3, Zürich,
phone: +41 (0) 44 261 76 18
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