Friday, March 28, 2008

Tokyo&Odawara, Japan 1

This is the view from our hotel in Asakusa, Tokyo. Sumida river has 1000 sakura trees on its both sides. Our first date 4 years ago was the boat ride running on this river. It was so beautiful and romantic :)

Sakura is full bloomed in Tokyo! Let's go see some at Ueno Park!

OK, where should we go next?

This is it!ここです!

Odawara is in Kanagawa prefecture and took 1.5hrs by train.
Odawara castle is taken by Hideyoshi Toyotomi to show people his power. Beautiful castle and sakura.

The view from the castle. Sakura, sakura, sakura...

After we enjoyed Odawara castle, we went to One night castle by Steven's strong request.
This castle was built by Hideyoshi starting in the bush. After the castle is ready, he cut all the trees around the castle at night so people saw the castle and said "oh, he built the castle in one night!!" Smart guy.... I didn't know this legend and learned from history geek, Steven.

But the castle itself is not here any more so took a picture with the memorial marker.

Had Sakura rice bento box and a meat bun for lunch. We were able to enjoy sakura here, too.

Back to Tokyo and had a dinner with our friends at Mexican restaurant in Hiroo.

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