Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kanazawa/Kyoto, Japan 2

Today's breakfast. Of course we had this after we soaked in hot spring.

So what should we do today? We really wanted to see some Sakura in Kyoto. So we decided to go back to Kyoto by train. With our rail pass, it didn't cost anything but takes 2.5 hours to Kyoto but it got warmer in two days so Sakura must be blooming!


Yes! There are some Sakura in Kyoto! We are so happy to see the cute flowers.

How about our favorite Maruyama park?

Yeah!! I would say it was 40% full bloom.

We walked around to enjoy Sakura in the park, had lunch, walked along Kamo river...OK, time to go back to Kanazawa.
We came back to Kanagawa and had a crab course dinner at Daimyo Chaya. Ohhh each dishes were so tasty. It was the first time for us to have Crab shabu shabu. The crab risotto we had at the end of course was out of the world!

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