Monday, March 24, 2008

Kanazawa, Japan 1

Since we arrived in Kanazawa late last night, we didn't know how nice the view from ryokan(inn) is. After we soaked in a wonderful hot spring, they came into our room and served breakfast !!! Mmmmmm...This is the vacation should be. 夕べは金沢についたので旅館からの郷愁ある眺めに朝、初めて気づく。露天、内風呂と素晴らしいお風呂につかった後、お部屋で朝ごはん。あ~バケーションはこうでなくっちゃ。

OK, we have a lot of places to go today. Let's get started! We went to Tentokuin, the temple where Maeda Toshitsune built for his wife, Princess Tama. They also have a puppet show about the love story between Toshiie and Princess Tama. When we arrived there, we are the only ones because it was early in the morning so the cheif of the temple gave us a private tour! I told him Steven likes Maeda Toshiie(Toshitsune's father) and that is why we came to Kanazawa. Then he looked at Steven's face and said "Oh, you may have been Toshiie in your previous life!" He was a funny guy.

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Next stop was Kenrokuen which is the one of the three great parks. 次は日本の三大庭園のひとつ兼六園へ。

The third one is Kanazawa castle. This is Toshiie Meda's castle so Steven had been looking forward to coming here.

Had sushi for lunch at Omi Fish Market. So many kinds of seafood were there. Too bad we don't have kitchen here. We just looked at them and sighed.

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