Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beppu, Japan

We came back to Japan to see our friends, family and Sakura. It has been 4 years since we saw it in Japan. It was also the time we met for the first time so seeing Sakura in Japan is very special for us. I wanted to show gorgeous Sakura I watched on the way to junior high but it was too early to see it. The buds are still small and hard but we walked to the school and showed him the little paths or the book store I went when I was between 13 and 15 years old.
Chiro, the old dog at mom's house went to the glooming service and came back in brand new whilte coat :) She looks younger and cuter now. 実家にいる老犬のチロがペット美容室に行き、真新しい白い毛皮で帰ってきました。何だか若くかわいくなったみたい。

Mom made me a macha tea and served with a very pretty spring sweet. It was tasty and full of spring feelings. 母がお抹茶と春のお茶菓子をふるまってくれました。春いっぱいのティータイムでしあわせ。ママ、ありがと~。

We went to hot spring. It was outside bath and when we got there there was no hot water in the bath. Aftrer we put a token which we got at the front desk, the hot water ran through the rocks and it took only 3 minutes to fill it. Ohhhh it was nice and hot and more over it is NEW !
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