Monday, March 24, 2008

Kyoto, Japan 3

Walked to a garden of a politician, Aritomo Yamagata(1838~1922). It is not so big place but we liked how they designed the water and hills for his vacation house.They are very elegant.

We kept walking to Nanzenji. その後も歩き続け南禅寺へ。

Great view after climbed up the steep stairs.勾配が急な階段を登ると素晴らしい景色。

They have an old beautiful aqueduct and ... 古い導水橋が美しい。

...this is the water line running on the aqueduct. We walked along it but didn't go anywhere....
OK. Time to go to Kanazawa!!! そんじゃ、次の目的地金沢へ!
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