Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

We are having guests for Thanksgiving dinner this year and started prepping! First I made an center piece for table. Well, I didn't get a turkey figure but got some orange colors at least. I also made a door wreath and got some Christmas-like greens for the kitchen. Why kitchen? I cannot place ANY flowers/plants in the place cats can reach. Grrrrr!!!! Cranberry sauce came out good, too. I cooked them in orange juice.

Steven insisted to buy a roasting pan so we went to Sur la Table and got this!
Stevenがどうしてもロースト用のパンを買うというのでSur La Tableでこれを買ってきました!

Since we went to Santana Row, let's have lunch here!! We went to our favorite one, Straits.

せっかく、Santana Rowに行ったのだもの、ランチして帰りましょ!私達の好きなStraitsに行きました。

It will be the first time for me to cook a whole turkey by myself. I did legs or breast or some parts of the bird but never did a whole turkey. Seven of us are eating so got 12lb turkey.

I brined the bird with salt, sugar and herbs. Good night turkey, sleep tight and be tasty. :)

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