Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! We are ready to have guests.
Happy Thanksgiving! 用意はできて、後はゲストの到着を待つばかり。

Mr. Ni, Mr.&Mrs Na and their kids, No-kun & Yu-chan are here! We had a toast with bubbly drink. The kids had apple cider though. First we had Ceviche Japonesa made by Mr. Ni. The scallops marinated in olive oil and sweet peppers was sooooo tasty.


I know, honey. Scallops are your most favorite seafood. Enjoy!

Hey, turkey is also ready finally!! Looks great, doesn't it? Mrs. Na brought her dishes, green bean casserole, mashed potato, and beautiful fruit tart!! Ohhhhh, everything was delicious. Mr. Na curved a turkey on the mashed potato and it is very cute. Didn't know you had a talent like this. Brussel sprouts+bacon(no photo), chestnut+bacon stuffing, and green pea soup+truffle oil were good, too. Ohhh, forgot to take a pic of Mr.Ni's bruschetta :( His Tiramisu was the most tastiest one I have ever had! He learned this in France. No wonder....Thank you everybody for your contributions.

Say cheese!!

No-kun and Yu-chan are very cute and also teenagers with the best attitude. Great kids!

Not only attitude. They are very talented! Yu-chan played 2nd Menuet from L'Arlesienne! She was shy and she didn't want us to look at her while she was playing. CUTE!! Nice to listen to the pretty sound. No-kun showed us how to do "modern yoyo". It was not the same with the one I was using when I was a kid. It doesn't come up easily. He showed off his high leveled technique. Thank you both of you.It was very entertaining!

We had a great night and 4 bottles are gone. The Italian one on the left was survived. :) Thank you everybody for the great time and thank you for your help, Steven!