Saturday, November 05, 2011

The art show and bookstore

One of our friends Lynne had an art show at the Alameda Art Works which is a few minute drive from home. She is a mosaic artist and I always love her sense of colors. Beautiful!
友人のLynneがThe Alameda Art Worksで展覧会ををするので観に行きました。実はここ家から車で2~3分のところ。彼女はモザイクアーティスト。彼女の色の選択にはいつも感心します。きれいだなあ。

The place was much bigger than we had thought and there were a lot of artists and their work in the space.

I do mostly water color but recently I am interested in Pastel work. I met a great pastel artist,
Stacey Nussbaum and her small daughter who was drawing there. I asked her if she does classes because I want to do pastel. She said she doesn't teach but I can come see her drawing some Sundays so that I can learn from it!!
私は普通水彩しかしないのですが、最近パステルにも興味を持っていました。そして今日ステキなパステルアーティストのStacey Nussbaum と彼女の小さなお嬢さんにお会いしました。(その子はそこでパステルで絵を描いてましたよ。)彼女の作品にとてもひかれたので、どこかで教えていないか聞いたら、教えていないけど、日曜日はここで描いているから見にきていいと言われました。見ながら学ぶこともあるしね、ですって。

Aren't they gorgeous? I love her dramatic strokes and romantic colors. I cannot wait to start my pastel drawing!

After we got out the show, we went to used book store where is next to the venue. We spent more than an hour there and enjoyed the books.

Ended up to buy seven books. Five for Steven and two for me. Yeah, ”Pastel painting techniques" and "Watercolor the wet technique" I know I am so easy to inspired by.