Sunday, October 02, 2011

San Jose Rock 'n' Roll 2011

We are here! This is the pic 20 minutes before the start. Kaori, Nami, Kenko and I are all excited!

Kaori and I started from the same coral since our numbers were close. We are still in high tension and waiting for the start. 13000 people will run today.

We are waving to Nakano san, the photographer and our coach. :)

The cooler weather helped but I was amazed that I was in a great condition in this race. While I was running, I was thinking my great supporters and running tips they gave me and it made me smile all the way. I actually ran with a big grin!! I also enjoyed the bands playing every mile. Yeah, Rock 'n' Roll, baby!!

At the 10 mile point where 4 blocks from my house, Taicho&Naomi san, Alice san, Linh and Steven were there for us!! I was still pretty good shape and was able to smile to them.
The last 3 miles were not so easy as the first 10 miles but I even raised my pace in the last mile!! Can you believe this?

We did it! My time was 2:04:28 which is my Personal Record. Wow, it was 2:30 last year and I did great this time. We all happy with our results and showing the medals. Thank you Nakano san for the pictures and driving us (and back) to the race.

When we got home, everybody was there to congratulate us and Steven was very busy cooking (Thank you, honey!) and PARTY TIME!!!! Steven made Paella, too and they brought some yummy food and there were several dishes I made yesterday so we had a lot of food and booze!!

Ate, drunk and laughed a lot, we runners needed to take some nap. Our lawn was good for that! We had a lot of fun.

Again, thank you for your support and I couldn't do this without you!!