Monday, October 10, 2011

Dessert party and my projects

Made a fruit salad. I also made mango+lemon sauce and mix with them. That is why they are shiny. We brought this to a Dessert party held at three house away. Yes, another neighbor paaaarty!!

This is for Bill who moved Texas recently and he came back for a short time for his biz. We all had a great chat and GREAT desserts Cheryl made.

Kids were nice and quiet in the next room watching a movie. They are my favorite kids on the block D & G. D will be Rapunzel this Halloween and she won't go anywhere withoug her Rapunzel doll. How cute is that!!

I also made sock puppets for Steven. Why does he need the pupeets? I will tell ya later. Hey, you guys, stay away from my dearest Moomin!!

Japanese cucumber plant is gone but I kept some leaves to draw. I LOVE leaves.