Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kaori's Pho Challenge

She is Kaori, my friend from my running team and she is signing a waiver for Pho Challenge. The challenge is you need to eat 2lb pho noodle and 2lb meat in one hour. If you win, the pho is free and you get the big bowl you used and a trophy. If you lose, you need to pay $22 and get a T shirt. She is smiling because this is "Before" picture.

Her friends got together and cheered and supported her. Look at the huge bowl I am holding. This is the one she is eating from. Notice: The small on on the left is a "regular" size bowl.

My regular size Pho was pretty good.

The guy at the restaurant told us rules and gave her a tip which is holding noodle on the edge of the bowl. You don't want the noodle soaked in the soup because they get fat and make the challenge harder.

She tried VERY hard and it was impressive. Look how she did in one hour. She couldn't finish in time but she ate 80% of it. was 4LB worth of food!! Great job, Kaori!

We ordered fried bananas and ice cream for dessert. Of course she had some, too!! Amazing!
I had a great time tonight. A really great time. Even walking down on the Castro Street in a cool air was enjoyable.
みんなでデザートにバナナの揚げたのとアイスクリームを頼みました。もちろんかおりちゃんも召し上がっていましたよ。すごいでしょ。あー、楽しいひと時でした。本当に楽しかった。Castro Streetを涼しい夜風に当たりながら歩くのさえ楽しかった夜でした。:)

Pho Garden
246 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041