Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! My favorite day has come! I baked cookies for my favorite trick or treaters. (Yes, just for my favorite neighbor kids. Not fair? Too bad!) I was a rabbit because this year was a rabiit year. Once in 12 years. You don't want to see me in a rabbit costume when I am 60, do you? So this is the last chance. I even went to a Halloween lunch in this atire. It was fun ! :)

Steven said I look like an Easter bunny with the basket. Fine!

I think more than 30 perople knocked our door. Everybody was cute in their costume.

However, this is the highlight of the night. Next door neighbors. Mr.D was a spider man and Ms.G was Rapunzel from Tangled!! Ohhh, sooooo cuuuuuute! She has been talking about her costume whole month of October. Her dress was made by her grandma. Of course they got my special cookies. :)

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