Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dungeness Crabs at Half moon Bay

The crabs we had in Nov was so delicious so we decided to go to Half moon bay again. This time we bought crabs from the small boat fisher man. He threw the one with some missing legs for free so we got three crabs for $15! This fisherman had a black lab and he was sooooo cute!

We got crabs!!

Since we drove all the way here, let's have some seafood. I looked up some reviews online and chose Barbara's fish trap to have clam chowder. We also ordered fried calamari (good) and fish and chips(great!!). I don't know...the chowder was a little too floury and thick for me. I prefer the one I had at Fisherman's Wharf in SF. I am not saying this was bad...look! The bread bowl is empty!
はるばるここまで運転してきたのだから、シーフードをいただいて帰りましょ。オンラインでレビューを見て選んだのがBarbara's Fish trapというお店。クラムチャウダーをお目当てに来たのですが、イカのフライ(おいしい)とフィッシュ&チップ(すごくおいしい!)もいただきました。クラムチャウダーの方はどうだろう・・・、何か粉っぽくてポッテリしすぎてるような。SFのフィッシャーマンズワーフのクラムチャウダーの方が好きだなあ。まずいとかではないんだけど…。ほら、パンのボウルが空でしょ。
Barbara's Fish trap
281 Capistrano Rd
Princeton by the Sea, CA 94018
(650) 728-7049
We enjoyed the crabs VERY MUCH but I forgot to take pics so here is the one from the last time. No, no....we didn't eat all three. I made crab cakes next day and it was great, too.

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