Thursday, October 28, 2010

East Coast Trip - NY 4

Steven finished his complicated project successfully so he got 2 days off!! Good job, honey!! We decided to go to his mom's one day earlier. Before leaving NY, we need to do something New Yorky thing together since I was the only one enjoyed the City. Want to see Autumn colors in the Central park?

On the way to the park, we saw some cool Halloween decoration. It is my favorite event of the year but we don't dress up this year since we are away from home. Sniff, sniff...

Needless to say, the most beautiful park in New York. Never get bored here.

Bethesda Fountain, my favorite place in the park.

We took pictures by the fountain...こんな写真を撮りましたが。

I can photoshop like this!!!

or this?

We enjoyed the fountain area very much...
Well, before heading to Mom's house, let's do another New Yorkey thing.
Carnegie Deli!!

We knew we were not going to finish one dish so we split potato knish with cheese and pastrami on!! Ohhh, it was tasty. Surprisingly, it was not greasy as it looks. The pastrami was mild not too salty.

What? Can I finish this? Off course!!!

Carnegie Deli
854 Seventh Avenue at 55th Street - New York, NY 10019
Phone:(212) 757-2245