Saturday, February 13, 2010


We went to a nursery to pick up Wisteria we ordered a few weeks ago. I love this nursery because they have a lot of unique plants and trees. 2週間前に注文した藤のツルが届いたので取りに行きました。ここのお店はめずらしい種類の植物があるのでとても楽しい。

Look at these cute flowers! I forgot to check the name but they look like Christmas Roses.

I found a few things I wanted to get...The Sakura tree was so beautiful but some people say that it is a bad luck when you plant cherry trees in your yard so I don't know....The terracotta vase would be great in our entrance. 他に、欲しいものもありました。しだれ桜がとても美しかったのですが、自宅の庭に植えるのは運を落とすと言う人もいるので、どうしようかなあ…。テラコッタの大きな鉢はウチの入り口にぴったりでいいなあ。

Well, the purpose of this trip was picking up the Wisteria so we loaded it in my "truck" and went home.

It was a rainy week so the soil in the yard is not ready to plant yet so we will keep the Wisteria in the pot for a few days. We will plant this next to the gate we made and hoping this vine will become like...今週は雨続きなので庭の土は濡れていて植えられないから、しばらくはこの入れ物のまま、待ちます。作ったあのゲートの横に植えて、いつかは…

I know we are ambitious...