Friday, February 05, 2010

Trader Joe's

I love Trader Joe's. Their products are unique and their wide variety is amazing. I always get...
 私の大好きなスーパーマーケット、Trader Joe's においてある商品はどれもユニークでとてもバラエティーに富んでいます。いつも買うのは…
1. Honey Plantain Strips:Good sweetness of honey and crispiness of the plantain are good combination. I always try not to eat a whole bag because they are gooooood!

2. Vegetable Bird's Nest (Frozen)
I toasted them in my small toaster and put it on the soba/udon noodle soup. Easy way to make Tempura Soba!

3. Yaki Onigiri(Frozen)
When I see this at the store for the first time, I almost scream "Yatta!!" like Hiro Nakamura in Heroes. Oh they are good.

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