Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

On Super Bowl Sunday, people usually have beer, chip&salsa, or Buffalo wings but we had Takoyaki (Octopus balls). I made them right before the game and watched the game.

See, Takoyaki go well with football!

Well, my American husband wanted his national food, too so we went out to get pizza during a half time show.

Oh, yeah. Pizza definitely go well with football.

It was a long game so I made orange pattern pillows and arranged the flowers from Farmer's Market during the game. 長い試合だったので、他のこともしました。オレンジ色のクッションを作ったり、お花も換えたり。

New Orleans won and we are happy. It brings a lot of joy and hopes to people in New Orleans. They deserve it because they recovered amazingly from 2005 disaster. 結局、ニューオリンズが勝ったので、よかった。これでニューオリンズの人達に希望と喜びをもたらします。2005年の大災害から立ち直った土地ですからこの勝利に値すると思う。

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