Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bangkok 1

We are in Thailand! We were looking for this trip for long time and we are finally here! Even this is Steven's business trip, we are going to have a fun!

Steven's coworker/good friend, Richard who came here 2 days earlier took us to this restaurant for the dinner at our first night in Thailand. This place has gorgeous interior and garden sheeting where has a fountain with a nice Buddha curved stone. The food was outstanding. We especially liked an appetizer called Meang Khum.(left down in the pic below) You put some ingredients like peanuts, lemon peels, dry shrimp, onions and sauce on betel leaves and roll it and eat. All the taste of the ingredients are mixed with the leaves and Mmmmmm...it was good. So good, we came back this restaurant in 5 days.

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