Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kuala Lumpur 4

On weekends, Steven is in relax mode. 週末なのでStevenもリラックスモード。

We went to Bird Park. This place has 800 birds from 60 local places. Peacocks were very pretty. バードパークへ行きました。ここは国内60箇所から集められた800匹もの鳥達が見られます。孔雀がとてもきれい。

I went into a feeding place and a bird keeper made me hold a juice cup and nuts. So many birds came and landed on me. Their craws were sharp and my arms hurt!

2. えー、たくさん来たなあ。

A peacock finally opened its tail. The eye shaped marks were very impressive. We enjoyed walking in this 20 acres park but it was sooo hot. やっと孔雀が尻尾を広げてくれました。目の形の模様はとても印象的。20エーカーもの広さの公園を歩き楽しい時間でした。でも暑かった。

After the walk in the park, we wanted to escape from the heat so we ran into an ovservatory close by. We missed astronomy shows but we didn't care because the building were nicely air conditioned. We played with spaceship displays and took goofy pictures.

Had dinner at street restaurant. The butter crab was so rich and tasty. The egg topping was crispy and gave extra flavor to the crab. I am holding a bag of watermelon juice. I asked them to add a little bit of lemon juice and it was sweet & tangy. 夕食は屋台街でButter Crabと呼ばれるお料理をいただきました。卵のトッピングがカリカリしていて、おいしい。蟹に合って最高でした。私が下げているのはスイカのジュース袋入り。レモンを少ししぼってもらって甘酸っぱくて大正解。

Close up of the butter crab. Yum! 蟹のクローズアップ。おいしかった。