Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bangkok 4-1

Left the hotel early in the morning and went to the Floating Market!! We got into a small motor boat and go on the river. 朝早くホテルを出て待望の水上マーケットへ!小さなモーターボートに乗り込み川を進みます。

There were market places both side of the river and you can buy the goods from your boat.川の両岸にお店が並び舟の上から買い物ができます。

Ohhh, I had wanted to see these boats selling food..tropical fruits, veggies, sweets...

...and local crafts...but the boat I most wanted was....

Noodle soup boat!! She cooked noodle and put some toppings and soup. YUMMY! Great breakfast with 20BT/65 cents each. スープ麵の舟!舟の上でさっと麵をゆで、トッピングの野菜やお肉をのせ、スープを注いでくれます。おいしい!素晴らしい朝ごはんが20バーツ、65円といったところ。

There were a lot of boats going both directions on a small river so sometimes it makes traffic jam and it was a kind of fun watching who goes first competitions. Once we left market area, we saw a quiet tropical tree area. たくさんの舟が狭い川を両方向から行き来するのでマーケットエリアでは交通渋滞。誰が先に行くかの競争を見るのも楽しい。混雑するマーケットエリアを抜けると静かなトロピカル林を通ります。

People live on the river side and each house has a boat to get around. OMG, 4 feet long reptile was bathing sun...hope it doesn't come up to the houses. Of course temples are there for religious Thai people & tourists. We also got off the boat and visited. 川の両岸には実際に人が住んでいて一軒に1そうのボートがある感じ。げ、1メートル強の爬虫類がひなたぼっこしてる。家に上がってこないといいけど。信心深いタイ人とツーリストのためにお寺ももちろんあります。私達もボートをおりて参拝。

We found these old towers behind the temple. There were trashes around them so I guess they are not using them anymore but it was fresh on my eyes after we saw shinny golden temples.
Cat peron, Steven made some friends.