Saturday, September 05, 2009

Japanese food and comic books

Mom and my sisters have sent me some Japanese food and books so I have been a happy camper this week. ママと妹達が日本食や本を送ってくれました。だから今週はウシシの私です。

These are comic books about a small girl turning into a ballerina. I have wanted to read this so bad and my sister, Akiko found and sent them for me!!! I couldn't stop reading because it was very interesting story and cannot wait for the next book coming in Oct! She also sent some magazines about fashion and books (she knows what I like). これは山岸涼子の「テレプシコーラ」というバレエ漫画。どうしても読みたかったのを妹の亜紀子が見つけて送ってくれたの!あまりのおもしろさに一気に読んでしまった。次の巻が待ち遠しい!ファッション雑誌と本の雑誌も入ってました。(私の好みを完全に把握している!)

Mom sent me snacks and soups. The square one with letters on top is a sweet, Rakugan made with maple peas, chest nuts and sugar. It melts in your mouth and chestnut flavor runs around in your mouth :) I had it accompanied with Matcha tea. ママからはおかきやお味噌汁の素など、食べ物を。そしてこの落雁もお抹茶とおいしくいただきました。落雁って赤エンドウ豆と栗からできているのねえ。口の中でほろっと溶けて、栗の味が口内をかけまわるおいしさでした。

My sister, Ryoko has sent me Morioka Ja Ja Noodle. Miso+meat based sauce with cucumber and green onion was very good. I have never seen this in Japanese market here in US! The noodle had a great texture to it. 涼子は盛岡ジャージャー麵というのを送ってくれました。盛岡がこれで有名なんて知らなかった。まったりお味噌のソースがおいしかった。アメリカの日系スーパーマーケットにはいろいろあるけど、これはないなあ。

This is also from Ryoko. Called hiyajiru (cold soup). This one has miso, fish paste, sesame, tofu, cucumber, Myoga, and green onion. They pour this on rice to eat. Good summer meal.

This is Kimchi+Natto rice. I mixed Natto, chopped Kimchi, Myoga and nori on rice. Mmmm, tasty! 最近よく食べる刻みキムチ+納豆。ミョウガと海苔をトッピングして、おいしーです。

This is Calpico (Calpis), popular drink in Japan. I used to drink a lot when I was a kid. Well, my mom tried not to feed us sugary sweet stuff so not "a lot" but very nostalgic drink. We didn't have Lychee flavor when I was a kid. Still taste great! やはりカルピスはなつかしい。子供の頃よく飲んでました。…「よく」といってもママはお砂糖系の甘いものには厳しかったのでそれほどではないかも。いやあ、ライチー味なんてなかったなあ。でもおいし。

I am very lucky that Steven likes Buri kama (Yellow tail neck) so we can have this dish a lot. Today's menu is Grilled buri kama, Kinpira gobo, brown rice, Hiya jiru, Shredded takuwan pickles (this is also from Ryoko) and shiso leaves.

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