Monday, September 07, 2009

Farmer's market and dishes for a party

Before summer is completely gone, we got some summer harvests at Farmer's market. O'Henry peaches, Heirloom tomatoes, Thai eggplants (round cute ones!), Okra and Champagne grapes. Got some pink Dahlia, too.

We were invited to a potluck party in the neighbor so made a fig tart. I always put sugar modestly when I make dessert but I forgot to substruct sugar. It came out a bit too sweet to me but it was gone in a short time. I guess people liked it.

This is only for us with leftover filling with peaches. The peach was tart so this was well balanced with sweet filling. これは残ったフィリングで作った私達だけのピーチタルト。ピーチがすっぱかったので甘いフィリングといいバランスでした。

We also brought a bottle of wine and this smoked chicken & mushroom pasta. Since I made this for Steven's birthday party, we LOVE this recipe. ワインとこのパスタも持っていったの。スモークチキンときのこのパスタはStevenの誕生パーティーの時に作ってからお気に入り。英語ですがレシピはこちら

We enjoyed the dishes our neighbors brought to the party and chatted till late at night. Our neighbors love to get together and again, we really glad to moved in this neighborhood!
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