Sunday, September 13, 2009

No more bricks!

We are pleased to announce that our brick flower boxes are finished! Steven is showing how level his brick work is. Look at his big smile. He is so happy. この度、レンガの花壇がめでたく完成しましたことをここにお知らせいたします!Stevenはレンガがまっすぐに積めているので大満足。このスマイルを見てください。

Now we have two nice flower boxes in our side yard. He finished the mortar leaving enough to make a little stone with my initial. :) so sweet. The first flower box has already tomatoes and eggplants and we are looking forward to plant something in the new one.  二つの花壇ができてとてもいい感じになりました。レンガとレンガの間を埋めるモルターもこの小さな石(私のトレードマーク入り)を作ってくれてきっちり終わりました。最初の花壇にはトマトや茄子が植えてあるので、この新しいのには何を植えようか考え中。ウキウキ。

This is the "before" picture showing ugly red stones.

This brick work was tough because it was twice as long as the first one and we had a lot of hot days in this Summer but he did it! I made Osekihan (azuki bean rice) to celebrate his great work. They make this rice when people celebrate such as entering schools, winning a contest, getting out from hospital and so on in Japan. It is usually a little complicated to make this but my mom has sent me a kit I can make this VERY easy. (Shhh..., don't tell my husband!) It tasted great!!

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