Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wisteria gate

Hmmm, Steven is doing something again...mixing another cement? I thought the flower boxes are done... あれ、Stevenが又何か始めてます。セメント混ぜてるけど花壇は完成したんじゃなかったの?

He took out the gate to the side yard and is digging holes!
1.穴掘り 2.ベースになるブロック入れて 3.セメントで埋めて 4.乾かす

He got a new tool, Miter boxes so he cut wood in angles.

I am sanding and staining wood to match the front door of our house. Guess what we are making...

Ohhh, Shrine! 神社の鳥居!

No, no... this will be an arbor and we will plant wisteria next to it. Hopefully Wisteria will grow and climb over the arbor so we can have a Wisteria door!

This is the finish look that Steven drew. Ohhhhh it looks great!!!

It will take more work to finish this project but it will be a unique gate and great entrance to our gate. I cannot wait! Well, we did a lot today. Let's stop here and have a BBQ eel ! We bought ready-to-eat-BBQ-eel but washed the sauce out, pat dried, brushed my special sauce and reheat it on the grill. Ohhhhh it was out of world. Very crispy outside and juicy inside...just like the one we have at Imase, the BBQ eel shop in my hometown!
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