Sunday, September 27, 2009

The gate is done!

We finished the garden gate finally. Looks great, doesn't it? The moon shape hole reminds me of the gates for tea ceremony houses. 庭への門がついにできあがりました!いい感じでしょ?月窓のようなデザインがお茶室の梅軒門を思わせます。

Welcome to our garden! This is a great entry to the garden but we need to work on the garden because my plants, Japanese maple and hydrangea are not doing well :( 我が家のお庭へようこそ!素敵なエントリーじゃないですかあ。でもそのお庭をちゃんとしなくては。数ヶ月前に私が植えたもみじとアジサイの元気がなくって。グスッ。

I made an Autumn decoration to the gate. Halloween is coming soon so I thought this witch bloom fits well with the season. I like the handle we found at an antique store.
We are very happy with the gate. We couldn't find anything we like at stores so we decided to make our own. I was not sure we could finish this at first but we (mostly Steven) made it!

Dinner was Italian vegetarian dishes. Balsamic vinegar flavored pumpkin + zucchini and mushroom risotto. Autumn dishes... kind of. そんな秋の気持ちで今夜はイタリアンなベジタリアン料理。かぼちゃとズッキーニのバルサミコ炒めときのこのリゾット。秋めいているでしょ何となく。

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