Sunday, August 16, 2009

Washlet has come to our house!

Our longtime dream, Washlet has come to our house! This is a house warming gift from my mom. (Thank you, Mama!) Washlet is only a toilet cover so usually it is easy to install it. Take out the current toilet seat and put Washlet on. However our toilet bowl has an odd shape and didn't quite fit so we replaced the whole toilet!!

I was worried at the beginning because replacing toilet bowl is not an amateur job but Steven said it was not hard at all and showed me how to video. He did it!! Thank you, honey!

This is the finish look. Now we have eco friendly flush from the new toilet and warm seat, warm shower to wash and even dry your bottom by Washlet. The Japanese on the pic above said "Your butt wants to be washed, too." which was a catch copy when TOTO started to sell this product in 80's in Japan.

Here is the TV CM at the time.

She said, "When your hands get dirty, you washed them, right? Nobody wipes with paper. Your butt is the same. Your butt wants to be washed, too!" I heard 60% of house in Japan has Washlet and I understand why people like so much. Nothing can beat the clean feeling.